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Whatever you need a message sent for, webhooks are the perfect way to send them! DiscSender has an app with a clean UI, savable webhooks, and a great dark/light mode!


SOOOOO much better than any other discord webhook apps out on the play store right now! The #1 feature that no other webhook app has is the customizable embed in the hook. Customize the Title, Author and Author Icon fields when sending your announcement thru this app. Add style to your server and let it stand out away from other servers with this new app! Wow Jeremy keep up the great developing!!!


Incredibly useful tool for when you need to use a Discord Webhook on the go, so far I have not experienced any major issues. The developer is friendly and knows what he is doing, I'd definitely recommend using this whenever you need to use a Webhook on your phone.

what on earth

Clean Design

DiscSender has a clean, and playful website design for simplicity.


I guess you could say our servers are faster than the flash.


We don't track or store the webhooks or data you send.


DiscSender is free at no additional charge, and has 0 ads!

Dark/light modes
Clean UI
AD free
Savable webhooks
Embedded messages
Professional staff

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